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Līza "Snowy" Bellinda Kholoda

(The first name is pronounced as "LEE-ZUH") Snowy is obviously a cute, and fluffy little Snow Fox-big brown eyes, and sporting a yellow deerskin tunic with a hat that hides her darkest secret... growing up, without any friends made her a shy outcast. Until Andy came along, he has decided to take matters into his own hands (if he had any) to make sure that she becomes a classy young lady. Just One Problem: She is a complete mess of a girl! But since she is still learning, she simply just doesn't know any better...


Andrew "Andy" Leonidas Anaconda

Snowy's new best friend. He lost his parents to the earthquake his island usually has. Without anyone to help continue raising him, he had two choices: either live with his uncle, or live on the island's Orphan Asylum atop the hill-neigboring Little Slitherville. Andy decides to take everything his parents ever taught him-not only to be a better person, but to help Snowy become more ladylike; however seeing how she is a bad habit rabbit-footed fox, he has a lot of work to do...!!

Prime Minister Arne Anaconda

The sole ruler of the Slitherlands. He is mean, yet REALLY troubled from a childhood of neglect in favor of his twin sister: Anne Anaconda. He wanted attention; yet since he is the island's new ruler: he got it all these years later! ...however, Arne Anaconda himself does not know how to handle his popularity! A majority of The Slitherlands don't even like him, nor his decisions as the ruler-not even his own nephew likes him! Fearing that the Anaconda Family Line may be erased, he decides to sic his most trusted guards to try and find, and bring him "home". Andy chooses not to out of rebellion.

Spade & Club

Arne Anaconda's most trusted guards (and the only ones who would do ANYTHING for him, or his selfish gain). Arne sent his two guards... who are funnily enough codenamed after cards. Yes! CARDS of all things. The Prime Minister Arne, who thinks he is the "King", decides to send his to send his "Jokers" to do his dirty work. Sometimes, he will assist the brothers: Spade (the red one), and Club (the simply green one); problem is-just like Arne, they are both bumbling fools at their own job!

The Sister Snakes Three

The teachers of the Hilltop Orphan Asylum. There are three of them, each with a different kind of temperment. Given by their appearance, The Sisters are dressed like catholic nuns-evidenced by the habits prominent upon their heads. As the Orphanage is fashioned like a catholic school, they are-of course very strict and demanding toward their students. The snakes are all trying to undo the damage they did in the dawn of time! The Slitherlands-even though it is a pun off of "Switzerland" is actually based on Japan if the Tokugawa Dynasty accepted Christianity-for better or worse.


Evelyn "Eve" Victoria Viper

Andy Anaconda's stalker! Eve has an ego the size of the entire island, and feels like she is the most important person in The Slitherlands. As such, she develops a crush on Andy Anaconda, hoping him to be her boyfriend when he inevitably may become The Slitherlands' Prime Minister. Eve is the epitome of self-love. She believes in herself, and is extremely excited by the fact that she exists. Many don't feel the same way, yet she will do ANYTHING hateful to attain love. She's envious of Snowy. Why should she get all the attention from her slithery senpai (Japanese for "master" or "teacher")? Give it to Eve!