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Snowy & Andy are orphans. Andy just lost his parents to his island: The Slitherlands' occasional earthquakes. Upset by the loss of his parents, Andy had two choices-both of which could affect him as a person. His first choice is that he could live with his Uncle Arne Anaconda: The Prime Minister of The Slitherlands. The other involves living on the old Orphan Asylum atop one of the islands' winding hills-neigboring Little Slitherville.

Andrew had a bad experience from his Uncle Arne. Arne Anaconda is mean like a snake-both figuratively AND literally! Luckily for Andy, he was raised by his mother Anne Anaconda-the mirror opposite to Arne Anaconda. As a matter of fact, she is his twin sister! Andy decides to go live at the Orphanage, and he meets: Snowy! They form a beautiful friendship, and he decides to help improve her.

Unfortunately, Andy seems to have his hands full (if he had any), helping Snowy to become a more respectable young lady. As the story progresses, he sees the problems she goes through: most notably, the bullies! Almost everyone in the Orphan Asylum-who lost their parents-use her as a means of projecting all their pent-up anger, and frustration to her disadvantage. Andy is not only her friend and mentor, but also her bodyguard; but since he is a snake, he has no hands (don't worry-the bullies don't have hands either)!

The Story of "Live, Laugh, Love: Snowy & Andy" encourages living every day, laughing their troubles away, and loving each other. The book is in comic book format as it can help warm children up to reading much easier. Together-even in times of turmoil, Snowy & Andy may be orphans, but at least they have each other!