Welcome to the website of Hoghead Incorporated (and if Mutahar of his ongoing Deep Web Browsing series finds this site in particular, I greatly appreciate what you are doing for The Internet by documenting obscure websites, dude. Thank You!). In 2005, I was getting into Web Design via "Mark Kissler's Web Wizards" (yeah... THAT old), and I DID start A page for what COULD have been my website on Notepad (was oblivious of Dreamweaver's existence in favor of drawing on Macromedia Flash back then); but all the information ended up being lost to time along with my Dad's old Windows XP Computer... it was beige, engraved with a plastic purple swoosh...

corrupted by a Metroid Zero Mission Screensaver (As The Internet likes to joke, "4/10 Not Enough RAM"-IGN). Since I have obtained my WGD Associate's Degree, I decided to pick up where the last site left off, only more presentable, if not a bit... tacky yet throwback-y? Yep. THIS is my Bachelor's Degree In Multimedia Design Technologies at work fer ya (Thanks A LOT, DeVry... how you promised me a job I would get into as soon as I graduated, and yet FAILED to even deliver on that lie, you've really given me a wonderful life)!

Greg "Gecko1993" Shope has Autism. But just because The Internet in general views it as a "disability; how things are done on this website-is more of a gift than a handicap (regardless of how people nowadays love to ignorantly slap THAT label all over the place nowadays...). I love to draw stuff, and if anyone were to take that away from me, it would be like taking a lifesource away! Most of the time when your's truly draws stuff, it's usually the things from and for video games. He also used to play games, but now he hardly has the time nor the nerve to do so. He just listens to video game reviewers, soundtracks & podcasts as background noise/a WONDERFUL source of motivation as to what he is currently doing (just like Akira Toriyama when he used to make Dragonball Manga. Wrap yer mind around dat one!).

Oh and yeah... READ THE DISCLAIMER: some of the pages here may or may not have some mild adult content... but I'm not stoppin' ya (besides, the site explains what you might be getting into-either safe, or mild. NEVER will you encounter anything... extreme, or worse NSFW)! Regardless, I want everyone who is visiting this site to have MOUNTAINS of fun!